The Fine Art of Energy Manipulation

This is how Addric discovers that he has the power of a Yumi Master.

He and Dheago have crossed over from one dimension to another and are now in the hands of the Yumi Master, Lezula.

It is her task to transform them from a couple of average boys into Yumi warriors.

In this installment, Addric shows us just how she intends to do that.



Addric tosses and turns that night, practicing every martial arts move he has ever learnt, but as he is about to discover, advanced energy manipulation is nothing at all like his adolescent fantasies. The circle of life turns once again, and after a very hearty breakfast, he finds out just what Lezula has in mind.

Unbeknownst to Addric, his first experience of energy manipulation will take place in a scenic location with a panoramic view of the Abyss. But before this much anticipated lesson he has his first experience of the power of a Yumi Master.

He watches with interest as Lezula summons several floating islands from the far side of the Abyss. She has at least ten to choose from, but selects one relatively small chunk of rock. And when it comes to rest near the stairs below the balcony, Addric is curious.

‘I am guessing that big chunk of rock will play a role in our first lesson,’ he says.

‘Of course it will, Addric. This is not a test of skill, but of belief. And if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.’

Addric is somehow not surprised to find that he is to be the guinea pig for this lesson.

‘Your first challenge, Addric, will be to climb up onto the balcony and out onto that rock.’

‘Why do I have to do this?’

‘Using a little personal magic, you will discover a power you never knew you had.’

‘Why here of all places?’ he says. ‘Can’t we do this inside? It will be so much safer in there.’

‘You are in very safe hands, Addric.’

‘Not from my perspective, I’m not.’

Addric has always had his reservations about the Abyss. It’s a daunting prospect at the best of times, but now he is having a few reservations about a big chunk of rock as well.

‘Are you sure about this Lezula?’

‘Yes Addric, it’s the only way to unleash your hidden talents.’

‘I could think of a few other ways to do that.’

His first task is get onto the rock, but it’s moving around all over the place and he needs a little help.

‘Reuben, you grab onto one end,’ he says, ‘and Dheago, you hold onto the other.’

‘No funny business, Addric.’

‘Believe me, Dheago; I’m not planning on any.’

The rock obviously knows that something is about to happen and is doing its best to escape its imminent fate. As any pet owner knows, training is not the only secret to success; a few kind words don’t go astray either.

‘Good boy, just stay where you are,’ Addric says.

Dheago and Reuben are doing their best not to laugh, but with someone like Addric around, that is virtually impossible.

Addric gets down on his hands and knees and inches his way onto to his feet.

‘You are almost there,’ Reuben says, ‘now don’t move a muscle, just in case something happens.’

‘Finally,’ Dheago says. ‘All it takes is precision timing and two strong armed assistants.’

‘Okay Lezula, I have done it,’ Addric says, ‘so what happens next?’

‘Just relax, Addric, close your eyes and look within.’

‘That’s easier said than done.’

‘What would you do, Addric, if that rock suddenly disappeared from beneath your feet?’

‘Scream, of course, what else?’

‘Your thoughts will serve you better if you find the key, Addric. That is the secret, my friend. Find the key to unlock that door and all will be revealed.’

‘In a few moments, the rock will disappear. It will simply disintegrate beneath your feet.’

‘It will,’ he cries.

‘You have options, Addric, more than you realise. You believe that you are standing on a lump of rock in the middle of nowhere. Don’t you?’

‘Well, I am,’ he says, ‘rain check, Lezula.’

‘This is just one aspect of what you really are. You actually exist in more than one dimension.’

‘This one doesn’t, Lezula, not at the moment.’

‘This is only one of your many faces, Addric. There are multiple Addrics, and they are all dependent on your guidance.’

‘You, Addric, have the power to change their future here and now, but if you fall, they fall with you.’

‘Do you want to be responsible for the extinction of the entire Sharano dynasty?’

‘Nope,’ he says.

‘Addric, what would you say is your best quality?’

‘I don’t really know, but everyone says that my worst is an over-active imagination.’

‘Do you believe that, Addric?’

‘Not at all,’ he says defiantly.

‘Then use that power, my friend, change your future here and now. The power of the imagination is your greatest ally, and far more powerful than you can possibly imagine.’

At any time of the day or night, Addric is bombarded by a deluge of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes, it is the result of a few mischievous demons having a bit of fun at his expense. But now, when he’s at his most vulnerable, they’re doing their best to sabotage his efforts.

‘Not this time,’ he says. ‘This time I am in control.’

This is not a time for thinking; this situation requires a response of a higher order, but if Addric doesn’t make a decision and soon he could end up in an anonymous grave. It has to be done and it has to be done now, but to accomplish this task he will have to create a special connection.

‘Addric, the rock is starting to disintegrate,’ Lezula says. ‘Choose your course of action, my friend.’

‘I’m doing my best,’ he says.

‘I can’t hover in mid-air forever, but the key that will open the door to my inner power, what is it?’

Addric just happens to notice the look on Dheago’s face, and one thing stands out, but it’s not what he was expecting. A lifetime of memories come flooding back, of how he has been there for Dheago, of how he has supported him through the worst and best of times, and of the crazy things he has done just to make him laugh.



Addric places his hands on his hips, closes his eyes and goes deep within, and it is then that he has a flash of typical Sharano brilliance.

‘Ah ha,’ he says, ‘the one and only force in the universe that can possibly do such a thing and it all lies within.’

Only seconds before the rock has crumbled away, the unbelievable happens. The energy known as the Kundalini is a reservoir of power that resides at the base of the spine, and once activated, it ripples up the spinal column and blends with the cerebral cortex.

For an indeterminate period, the mind and brain function as one integrated unit. And in most cases, the sensory system of the recipient becomes fully operational for a few glorious hours, but in Addric’s case, it will activate his latent Yumi powers.

As the last piece of rock disappears into the depths of the Abyss, Addric rises up into the air, and no one at all is holding him up.

‘I have done it,’ he cries.

This a chance to show what he really can do. Addric was inspired by the Krugwah performance in Uranami, and even though he could never do anything like that, he has years of experience as a gymnast, and those skills are just waiting for a seriously good workout.

‘This will be a show to remember,’ he says.

It has always been his dream to soar up into the sky, twirl one way and another and do a few figure eights, and that is exactly what he does, but for the finale, he performs a series of breath-taking double back flips as well.

Now that he has proved to his spellbound audience that he is something more than just a second-class hire-wire act, it is time to face the judging panel.

‘Is that what you meant, Lezula?’ he says as he lands as softly as a feather on the balcony.

‘That was very impressive indeed,’ she says as she awards him the applause he so justly deserves.

A newfound confidence appeared in Addric’s life that day. It has always been there, but like all hidden treasures, it was buried away behind a cheeky grin and camouflaged by a playful spirit.

‘I am the master of my fate,’ he says.

‘Of that there is no doubt at all, my friend.’

‘Wow,’ Reuben says. ‘How did you do that?’

‘It wasn’t hard, Reuben, you should try it one day.’

‘What Addric did was trust his instincts,’ Lezula says. ‘But he also had to find a way to release his inherent Yumi power.’

‘That’s true, Reuben, and when you do, it feels so good.’

‘He had to use two very important senses. He had to trust in his feelings and call upon a power that everyone has at their disposal.’

‘And what are they?’ Reuben says.

‘Your imagination is far more powerful than you have any idea about, but it is nothing compared to the power of love.’

‘And with Addric, neither of those are ever in short supply,’ Dheago says.’

‘So very true,’ he says.

‘It would not have been possible if he had concentrated on the negative,’ Lezula says. ‘Addric had to make very clear choices. He had to face the fact that there was danger involved. He had to put it out of his mind and concentrate on one thing and one alone.’

‘And what is that thing,’ Reuben says. ‘Was it mind power?’

‘No Reuben, it’s so much more than that. You have to connect with the most powerful force in the universe, in a concentrated moment of time, and then let it radiate through every fiber of your being.’

‘And that thing is,’ he says.

‘There is only one power in the universe that can do that, Reuben.’

‘For goodness sake, just spit it out and tell us what it is,’ Dheago says.

‘The power of love, of course,’ Lezula says.

‘Ah ha, now I get it. Our science teacher once said that it is the most powerful energy in the universe.’

‘And she was right Dheago. The ability to imagine something is one thing, but to actually make it happen requires a little extra effort.’

‘The Yumi could never have created anything at all, if they did not believe in the power of the imagination.’

‘It is a very real part of each and every one of us. Some people believe in it and others simply pass it off as incidental.’

‘And then there those like you Addric, who use it extensively and rarely live in any other state.’

‘To perfect the art of advanced energy manipulation, all you have to do is use your imagination.’

‘The power of your thoughts really can create your reality.’

‘I think I have found my calling at long last,’ Addric says.

‘Of that, I am absolutely certain, my friend.’


THUNDER BOYS is available in paperback form from Lulu…

the eBook is available from Smashwords as Chameleons

Many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for allowing me to share his beautiful paintings on this site.

This magical creation is called Star Matrix



Jean Luc’s work can be found at


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