I Am the Master of My Fate

This is the second part of The Fine Art of Energy Manipulation and if you are a first time visitor…you may want to read that before reading this.

If you have read the first part of this chapter…allow me to remind you what happened.

Addric had been selected by the Yumi Master Lezula to be the first of the three boys to find the secret to his inner power. That task could only be achieved while he was standing on a rapidly disintegrating rock floating in the Abyss.

Now we are about to find out if Addric has what it takes to go to the next level…



Addric had at last found the secret, the key which would unlock his ancestral powers. The very moment he heard the last chunk of rock crumbling from beneath his feet, he made his move.

This was his moment and if he didn’t do it now, he would never do it. The rock was almost gone and he was wavering back and forth, doing everything in his power to retain his balance, but it was then that the unbelievable happened.

A reservoir of undiscovered energy, one he had never known about came from somewhere deep within. The very moment that the shattered rock tumbled into the depths of the Abyss, Addric started to rise up into the air.

He dare not look; he knew this was the real thing. It was the feeling of weightlessness that he noticed first, of hovering in mid-air.

‘How cool is this,’ he said.

All he had to do was take off and he would be up there with the birds. Addric took a long deep breath and in one deft move, he made the impossible possible. The next few minutes were the most exhilarating he had ever experienced.

He had once had a very lucid dream in which he was flying in formation with several other people in an uninhabited world. Addric had never forgotten how real that felt, the experience of soaring through the air and swooping above the tree tops and then zooming down for a closer look. This time, however, it was the real thing.

This was Addric’s big chance to put on a typically Addric show and he was not about to let this opportunity pass un-noticed. He had been inspired by the Krugwah performance in Uranami and even though he could never do what they did, he did have years of experience as a gymnast.

He knew how to twirl, do figure eights and double back flips like the best of them and those skills were just waiting for a workout of a different nature. For the next few minutes, he did exactly that.

This was freedom such as he had never thought possible, unrestrained by gravity, no need to look where you’re going, no fear of bumping into something or tripping over. This really was the best of all possible worlds. The air was fresh and clean, almost as if it was alive, but beyond anything else, flying was physically exhilarating.

Now that he had done something that no one had ever done before, Addric decided it was time to face the judging panel.

‘Is that what you meant, Lezula?’ Addric asked as he landed as softly as a feather on the balcony.

‘Very impressive indeed Addric,’ she said as she awarded him the applause he so justly deserved.

A new spirit entered Addric’s life on that day. It had always been there, but he had never known how to call upon it. It was the very essence of what he was, but it was only visible to those who knew what they were looking at. Like all undiscovered treasures, it was hidden away behind a cheeky grin and camouflaged by a playful spirit.

‘I am the master of my fate,’ Addric exclaimed with a confidence he had never felt before.

‘Of that, there is no doubt,’ said Lezula.

‘Wow, how did he do that,’ Reuben wondered.

‘What Addric did, at one level, was to trust his instincts, Reuben. To achieve this, he had to download that energy from the source of all power.’

‘True,’ Addric said, ‘I had no choice.’

‘More importantly, he used two very important senses. He trusted in his innermost feelings and he used the greatest power we have at our disposal, the power of the imagination.’

‘And neither are ever in short supply,’ said Dheago.

‘True again,’ Addric said.

‘You achieved this Addric, because you knew, deep within that you could. It would not have been possible if you had concentrated on the negative.’

‘As you discovered, in a situation like this, you have to make very clear choices. You had to face the fact that there was danger involved, put it out of your mind and concentrate on one thing and one alone.’

‘And what is that one thing?’ Reuben asked.

‘Was it mind power?’ said Dheago

‘No, it’s much more than that,’ said Addric. ‘It’s like…an inner knowing, you have to connect with the power within, with the most powerful force in the universe, in a concentrated moment of time, and then, just let it radiate through every fibre of your being.’

‘And that thing is?’ Reuben asked again.

‘The very spark which exists in each and every one us, Reuben, that one eternal aspect of our being which binds us together as one, with everything in the entire universe.’

‘But what is this thing?’ Dheago cried out in frustration. He had had enough of Addric’s on-going narrative and was desperate to hear something a little more constructive.

‘The power of love, of course,’ said Lezula.

‘Ah ha,’ Dheago said. ‘Now I get it. Our science teacher always said it was a powerful source of energy, probably the most powerful energy in the universe.’

‘And she was right,’ said Lezula. ‘Believe it or not, the ability to imagine something and then to actually make it happen, is also a power in its own right.’

‘The Yumi could never have created anything at all if they did not believe in it. The power of the imagination is much more than just a gift; it is a very real part of each and every one of us.’

‘Some never give it the time of day; others pooh-pooh it and pass it off as incidental, and then, there are others yet again, like you Addric, who use it extensively, who rarely live their lives in any other state.’

‘To perfect the art of advanced energy manipulation, my friends, all you have to do is use your imagination. The power of your thoughts can indeed create your reality.’

‘I think I have found my calling, at long last,’ Addric said.

‘Of that, I am absolutely certain,’ said Lezula.


And if you enjoyed that chapter…there is a lot more yet to come.

Please let me know what you thought. I enjoy reading your comments.



The painting featured on this page is called Mukal



Jean-Luc’s work can be found at www.eyewithin.com


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