The Secrets of a Yumi Master

It is midnight in the Gilvarry household and Vincent is fast asleep… so I decided that I would pop in and add a few words of my own to his latest post.

He has had numerous requests from some of his younger readers to explain the ideas in his stories.

For those who are regular visitors to this site, you might even recognise me.

I am the primary character and the narrator of all of Vincent’s books.

I am Addric Sharano…Yumi Master of the Third Order.

Translated into Earth speak…that means I am about as powerful as you can get. Vincent has probably told you once or twice before that my power comes from universal energies…and it is true…it does.

The universe in which both you and I live is powered by cosmic energy…

I can see those energies, but you cannot.

They are there all the same and you will be relieved to hear that they are not only friendly and very useful…they are also amazingly beautiful to behold.

I have been a regular visitor to Earth for a very long time now and I know for a fact that many ancient Earth cultures were aware of the power of universal energies…especially of one particular energy…called light.

Many of the ancients believed that the universe evolved from primal cosmic fire and many of them even worshipped the light in one form or another.

So…what I have decided to do is share a few of the secrets of being a Yumi Master.

Vincent may not approve of me tinkering with his draft…but I know that you will and you will be glad that I did…after you hear what I have to say.

One of the benefits of being a Yumi Master is that I can use the energy of light to conjure up whatever I want…I can also relocate from one place to another or even protect myself from danger when necessary…but I know for a fact that Earthlings do not have that ability. You will have one day…but not for a while.

I cannot use this energy for destructive purposes. It is against the rules for a Yumi Master to go on a rampage or to take the life on another living being. I could only do that if I had no other option.

Light is of divine origins and I have to respect that. If I did use it for destructive purposes…it would be the last thing I ever did.

Light is a beautiful aspect of creation…it is a luminous radiant energy and it is also an instrumental aspect of the lives of all sentient beings…and like me, you can also call upon it and use it for a wide range of personal reasons.

Using light is a beautiful and very simple way of dealing with all sorts of issues in your life and it is an especially good way of dealing with basic health issues…

I might be an immortal…but I still get the occasional ache or pain…somewhere or other…and every now and then I even get a really bad headache.

I know that you do too… and mostly…your solution is to take a little pill called a pain killer…which is one way of dealing with the problem…but there is another…and like me…you can call upon the energy of light and use it…if you so desire.

To master universal energies, I had to call upon two of my best qualities. I learnt very quickly that this required an ordered mind and an imagination and…as I now know…these two faculties work beautifully together …especially when they are used in combination.

Calling upon the light make a lot of sense and it does work…it is a good alternative when all else fails and…as a self-help technique…it is genuine and very, very easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

You are probably not aware that human beings create their world through their thoughts…but we do…and if we want to go to the next level…we can do that and a lot more…if we so choose…

As a Yumi Master…I control my life through my thoughts and even though you may not be aware of it… you operate in exactly the same way.

Like me…you are in charge of your life…but the secret is to be at ease with what and who you are and to allow yourself to understand that what you think…is your world.

I can conjure up food from thin air and as a result, it is riddled with delicious life-enhancing energies. The food that you eat does exactly the same thing… if it is of good quality and if it is prepared with love and care….but there are times when even food needs a little extra help.

If you are not certain about what you are eating or what you are putting into your body…do something that you have never done before…send a quiet message to that plateful of deep fried, hot and salty chips, that big fat oily burger or that enormous cheesy pizza and ask its vibrations to harmonise with your own.

They will…but you have to ask…and the light in your request will assist in your health and growth.

How easy is that….all you have to do is ask and it shall happen…that is a form of magic…isn’t it?

Now…onto another example…

When I have to deal with unexpected issues, I follows my instincts…and just in case you were not aware…listening within is an excellent way of finding a solution to a problem.

When we have issues to deal with, we often ask a friend, but if you are anything like me, you will probably listen to that little voice within…

That is no ordinary voice however…that is you giving advice to yourself…

Or…if that is not enough…you can also call upon the Light for assistance…

If you do so, you will receive an answer in some form…mostly it will come through thoughts, feelings or ideas, but the answer might also appear in another way…perhaps it will be through something you read or even through a comment made by someone you know.

I always seek out a creative way to deal with most situations in my life and you can too.

In fact…it would be to your advantage to utilise your creative abilities in the same way that I do.

Believe it or not…your creative abilities are as real and as powerful as you are…and…over time…they will help you to become the designer of your own life and of your own experiences.

What could be better than that…being in charge of your own life…

Even a Yumi Master has good days and bad days…but when you are having a particularly bad moment or something is going pear shaped…just do what I do…call upon the Light and it will come to your assistance.

There are many times when we do need a little help…and difficult situations are definitely the best time to do this.

This is a not a skill…it is a technique for you to use in your own way…BUT ….you need to have this awareness at the forefront of your mind. It takes nothing other to activate the light than a conscious awareness that you have this option.

No one has to know what you are doing…it is exactly the same as saying a prayer and all you have to do is quietly invite the light to come to your assistance.

Use whatever words you like…but as Vincent has said repeatedly in his books…universal energies will happily come to your assistance, but they are even more receptive if you are both courteous and thankful.

That means…that if you do call upon the light…do so with respect and when you are finished…do not forget to thank them.

When travelling to work or school is a perfect time to commune with the universe.

If you are an adult…a really good time to do this is when you are driving your car. Your eyes do not have to be closed for this to happen…you will be relieved to hear.

One thing that you may not be aware of is that your body speaks to you…

It is true…just in case you had not noticed…it sends you messages and when it does so…you should listen…

However…your body is your best friend…it will never signal you to do something inappropriate…but it will let you know when something is going on or when something is going off…

I have learnt to become very aware that my feelings, my impulses and…my imagination…is very important to what I am…

There is a possibility that you have never been told this before…that your feelings, your impulses and your imagination are gifts to which you have eternal access.

Don’t ever forget that. They are an essential component of a built-in guidance system that is a part of every human being…

Now, that is amazing…isn’t it…that you come readymade with a built-in guidance system…

So do rockets…especially the modern ones…and they usually find their target…

In conclusion…if I have one word of advice for human beings who are aspiring to become all that they can and more…it is this…

Always trust your instincts and your feelings…they are very aware of what’s going on in your life…and if you do decide to engage with universal energies, they will steer you in the direction of your greatest growth.

That’s what you want…now…isn’t it?

So…if you want to speed up your development, if you want to accelerate your experience of life…invite the Light to become your other best friend…you won’t regret it.

I have to admit that the words in this text are not entirely my own… I borrowed some of these ideas from an existing source. They described perfectly what I wanted to express and have been altered from the original to suit this post and to make them more reader friendly.

They come from a body of information supplied by Barbara Marciniak with the assistance of Cindy Presley…but the essence of this message comes from the Pleiadians.

PS…The Pleiadians are now old friends of the Sharano family…however…when Vincent is doing what he loves best…which is writing these wonderful stories….they pop in every now and then…usually with an inspired idea or two to help him along a bit.

That’s what friends are for…now…aren’t they?

For more information…check out Barbara Marcinak at…

This is Addric Sharano…signing out…

As Earthlings often say…I’ll see you around…

Once again…many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for sharing his artwork with the world. The painting on this post is called…Aquatheater…and many more like it can be found at



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Vincent Gilvarry was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Book Excellence Award for his novel...Kashmira: The Snake Charmer's Wife....and in 2020 he received another Book Excellence award for his novel Desperados.

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