My Little Armadillo

On a day both bleak and dreary I woke a little bleary

to find a little armadillo sleeping soundly on my pillow.

It was round and rather bony,

long-tailed and sort of phony.

Was it an animal or a mammal?

I couldn’t tell.

This thing was so confounding,

and equally astounding

that I had to do some research,

there and then,

so I looked up Mr Google,

and asked about young Dougal,

the creature sleeping quietly in my bed.

Now, according to an expert,

or so I do believe,

the armadillo is a most peculiar beast.

It is not a freak of nature

 it’s a wonder of creation,

with elements that make it most unique.

A few lines from a poem about a remarkable creature called an armadillo.

And that’s just a sample.

About vgilvarry

This site is not just about my books anymore but topics relating to the upcoming ascension process, the great shift in consciousness, that mysterious concept called vibrational frequencies, and occasionally, a modified channel from our beloved galactic family.

4 Responses to “My Little Armadillo”

  1. Good luck with your work and many thanks for following mine. Jean-Luc’s artwork is beautiful.

    • Hello Johanna. I spend a lot of time looking at your website as your dreamy images make it so very easy to get drift away into a faraway world. Australia is a long way from anywhere, especially Europe…and it is a big effort to get there. I am planning another trip next year, but in the meantime, I shall continue to follow your adventures and drool with envy. Thank you for the opportunity.

      • I’ve never been to Australia and doubt I ever will so I’m quite envious of life “down under”. I do my fair share of dreaming too. 🙂

      • Life here is petty good and for an adventurer such as yourself Jo…and there is a hellluva lot to see. Not to mention the fact that most Australians are very amenable…we have to be…out of adversity…we have created a wonder of the modern world in 200 years and more than likely…it will only get better.

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