Portals to Another Dimension

Imagine that you are sitting on a bus…gazing out the window…maybe even driving a car…or just wandering along the street… and without even realising it…you are suddenly out there somewhere..light years away from Planet Earth.

It happens all of the time…but it is not an uncommon experience. Most of us are not aware that we daydream on regular occasions… several times a day sometimes …and in one way it is not unlike stepping through a portal and crossing over from one dimension to another.

It is an opportunity which is freely available to everyone, but why does it happen…you might be wondering?

Perhaps we really do step through a portal. Apparently they do exist and there are many different types. Some are man-made and some are natural events, energetically active zones found at different locations around the Earth.

Some are well known tourist attractions like the Great Pyramids of times gone by or the ancient mountaintop city of Macchu Picchu in Peru and others yet again are invisible…but apparently they are there all the same.

You could say that reading a book or watching a movie is like stepping into a portal. There is no doubt that the internet is a multi-dimensional portal as it has doorways to almost any possible place you could imagine.

But the internet is not the only portal to which we have access.

Our thoughts are like portals, doorways which open when we least expect them to. We have thousands of thoughts passing through our minds on a daily basis and some do take us to other places and more often than we realise.

For a few sacred moments…your mind wanders off and without even realising it…you find yourself adrift in another world.

This is an opportunity for all sorts of reasons…to commune with the universe…to visit a place that you might have seen in your mind…or even to play around with that inspired idea which has been rolling around in your head for the last two years.

That is a long winded way of introducing Part Two of my novel…The Labyrinth of Fire…where you will meet a beautiful young woman called Saphera…to whom things like this happen all of the time.

Up until this point in her life…portals had allowed her the freedom to come and go as she pleased…but not this time. This time she discovers that she is trapped and has no idea what to do…even worse…she is trapped in a deserted dimensional realm that resembles a rocky desert.

It is here that she will eventually meet Addric and Dheago who, along with their companion Reuben, has also ended up in this deserted dimensional realm. They were swept off course by the cosmic winds, which in this world are known as the Black Titans. That happened moments after  they set off on their well-planned journey and as a consequence…their lives now hang in the balance.

Before she meets the boys however…Saphera encounters a curious old woman called Hesta…whose task it is to transform her from what she is into what she will become. And…like most stories of this nature…very little goes to plan……Saphera’s new adventure is riddled with anxiety and uncertainty from the moment it starts.



There was something decidedly unusual about a wagon wandering aimlessly through the desert, its fate resting in the hands of two very placid but very tired-looking animals ambling along at a very respectful pace, their beautiful white coats and soft velvety horns now covered by a thin layer of desert dust.

‘But what it be doing here and so far from civilisation?’ Hesta wondered.

‘I cannot imagine,’ Saphera whispered, ‘but it looks like an old fashioned hearse if I am not wrong.’

‘I be thinking it is,’ Hesta replied. ‘Best we investigate.’

Wagons of this vintage had not been seen for thousands of years. It was an ancient form of transport from the age of the old Rishani Empire, but this was not just any old caravan. It had the distinctive barrel-shaped roof of a covered wagon from a sideshow and even more curiously, it was decorated with mysterious signs and symbols.

‘Climb up the ladder dearie and see what’s inside,’ Hesta suggested.

Saphera opened the tailgate, released a drop-down ladder and did so rather hesitantly. Clearly visible beneath a woven blanket she could see the distinctive outline of three male bodies.

Whether they were alive or not, she had no idea and she was not all that eager to find out. She braced herself nevertheless, took a long deep breath, tentatively took hold of the edge of the blanket and pulled it back ever so carefully.

‘Oh my goodness,’ she cried, ‘they’re still alive.’

She stepped back, horror struck. Concealed beneath a lightweight blanket was a sight she had not expected to see.

‘Who be alive,’ Hesta asked, ‘and what being wrong with them?’

She clambered up the three retractable steps and shuffled in beside Saphera. Very few things had the capacity to distress Hesta, but a spectacle of this nature obviously did.

‘Oh dear, dat be a very bad case, if ever I see one.’

‘What’s wrong with them? Saphera asked.

‘They come far too close to those nasty killer winds,’ Hesta replied.

She recognised the tell-tale signs immediately, bodies covered in irregular blue bruises. It was common knowledge that anyone who was unfortunate to encounter the Black Titans fell into a deep sleep and not long after into a coma.

While she had the opportunity, Hesta decided to make a closer inspection, checking their vital signs and moving her hand over areas of their body as if she was a physician undertaking a medical examination.

‘With the correct medicine,’ she eventually decided, ‘they will survive.’

‘Two boys and a young man,’ Saphera said curiously. ‘I wonder who they are.’

‘They must be of some importance, otherwise they wouldn’t be here. Only get sent here if absolutely necessary.’

‘Most curious indeed,’ said Hesta.

The task of moving three almost lifeless bodies from the caravan to the house proved to be far too difficult. Hesta’s solution was to unbridle the horses, move the van around to the rear and maneuver it into the kitchen.

To Saphera’s surprise, Hesta lived in a grand but rambling old house constructed from roughly-hewn blocks of a deep brown stone. This was a house as she could clearly see which was fit for a noble lord. It was a masterpiece of engineering, perched on an outcrop of rock with a commanding view of the desert from every angle and surrounded on all sides by a colonnaded terrace.

It proved to be a welcome retreat from the warm desert sun. A cool breeze swept down the valley from the high mountain plains and much to Saphera’s relief, wafted through the house on a regular basis.

But this, she eventually decided was not just the house of an old woman. This was the home of someone much grander indeed. She had no idea who Hesta was, but she had a deeply felt suspicion that in her earlier days, she must have been someone of great importance.

Every room in the house had paneled oak walls, high ceilings and massive display cupboards decorated with mythical creatures and every one of them was bulging to capacity with artifacts and bottles full of exotic herbs and oddly coloured liquids.

The kitchen was the most interesting of all, an immense underground dungeon with a soaring vaulted roof and an equally enormous fireplace which took up one entire wall, but hanging from the ceiling and scattered around on stone benches were some of the most unusual implements that Saphera had ever seen.

Over the next few hours she did her best to care for her patients, but it was a wearisome task. Hesta had her running back and forth, attending to one little thing after another and by about midnight, Saphera was almost on the point of collapse.

‘Best we give them some of this,’ Hesta said at long last.

She had spent hours in the kitchen, tending an iron pot over an open fire, distilling a concoction of aromatic ingredients into a powerful essence.

‘Dat should get them back on their feet, event-ually,’ she said as she administered the first few drops.

‘What is it?’ Saphera asked curiously. She had been watching Hesta closely as she had laboured over the steaming pot.

Hesta held a vial of murky green liquid up to the light. To Saphera’s mind, it did not look inviting in the least, but it did have a distinctly medicinal aroma and that she knew had to be an advantage.

‘It be magic elixir mostly, like plants and things from garden. It may take a few days, but it will work.’

Medicinal herbs and plants were believed to have powerful healing properties and even though this particular concoction had a particularly offensive aroma, Saphera had a feeling that it would work.

‘Do you have any idea what this is all about?’ she asked.

‘Suspicious-nesses only,’ Hesta replied. ‘Will let you know if I be finding anything out.’


The following morning, Hesta’s placid demeanour had vanished. When Saphera stumbled out of bed, she was surprised to see her running around the house, gathering up all sorts of odds and ends and dumping them onto the kitchen table.

‘We be going on a journey,’ she said unexpectedly, ‘there be no time to waste, this be most important.’

Saphera had no idea what this was about, she wanted to ask why, but she could tell by the look on Hesta’s face that this was serious.

‘Empty the larder and bridle the horses Saphera. Urgent we leave soon.’

Saphera had no choice but to do what she asked and even though she was somewhat hesitant, she reluctantly made her way to the stables.

Unbridling the animals from the wagon had been the easy part, but putting it all back together was a task for a stable hand and that was something she was not. She persevered for as long as she could; trying to match buckles to straps as best she knew how.

‘Whatever this is about,’ she said to the wide-eyed animals, ‘it’s big, big enough for her to act so decisively.’

‘Oh, I don’t have a clue where this strap goes,’ she cried, ‘do you?’

Both animals nodded in consent and Saphera was momentarily taken aback.

‘I know that you’re somewhat hesitant about this idea and I am too. I have never done anything like this before.’

‘Oh, what do I do with this thing?’ she cried, as she grappled with another confusing strap.

There was something in the tone of her voice that both animals understood. Before she gave up in despair, that one last harness was magically removed from her hands, raised up into the air and clipped into place as if it had a mind of its own.

‘Oh you beautiful darlings, you did that, didn’t you?’

Saphera suddenly discovered a new and unexpected friendship. She bowed respectfully and knew instinctively that yet another act of magic had saved her day.

‘That seems to be happening quite a lot at the moment,’ she said.

‘Whether you have names or not, I do not know, but you are very handsome creatures indeed and are obviously of very special lineage.’

Both animals were pure white in colour, but Saphera noticed that their coats reflected the light with a silvery sheen and that gave her an inspired idea.

‘Since we’re going to be travelling companions, I would like to give you names.’

‘I’ve got it, I shall name you for the stars,’ she said, ‘and if you agree, I will name you Ariatrix for the morning star and you can be Zyron, for the evening star. What do you think of that?’

Both animals were of the male variety and they recognised a beautiful young woman when they saw one. Saphera wasn’t the sort of filly they usually coveted, but there was definitely something special about her.

They were not horses, but they were honorable creatures with an ancient heritage and expressed their appreciation by bowing their heads as nobly as they could.

After a hastily prepared breakfast of freshly brewed tea and homemade bread and jam, a busy morning followed. It was fortunate that the caravan was much bigger than it looked, otherwise the task of storing the numerous odd and ends which Hesta had set aside would have been impossible.

The front of the wagon was packed to overflowing with every possible thing from Hesta’s kitchen, bags of dried peas and flour, dozens of fresh eggs, numerous casks of homemade wine and a jumble sale of pots and pans, plus several loaves of freshly baked bread. If she had not had the sense to do a little bit of reorganizing Saphera would never have found a place to sit at all.

With Ariatrix and Zyron in the lead, they set off not long after, pilgrims on a mission. Perhaps it was a quest, Saphera thought, but it was yet to be seen, a caravan decorated with arcane signs and symbols, two noble steeds, one slightly confused young woman and Hesta, a strange but interesting old woman in a dilapidated straw hat wandering along behind.

It was a beautiful day to be travelling, but from the moment their journey began, Saphera barely even noticed; she had a feeling this was going to be a very long day and that her work had only just begun.

The desert beckoned, but it was bleak and arid, a place where it barely rained at all and if it did, it would have been to no avail. Other than a few straggly weeds, isolated patches of dried up grass, there was nothing else to see except miles and miles of scattered rocks and stones. Every now and then she caught sight of the occasional flower, but the heat was so intense that even it struggled to survive.

It was a long and arduous journey through a minefield of rocks and stones, with an old caravan in tow, two magical animals and Hesta waddling along in the rear.

By late afternoon, they had almost reached the foothills at the base of the rocky mountain ranges. The final stage of this journey as Saphera could see was not going to be easy, the path ahead was a minefield of boulders scattered far and wide. The only sensible thing to do was to take a break, stretch her legs and give the horses a drink while she considered the problem.

‘Which way will we go,’ she wondered.

She turned to Hesta, but she was lost in a world of her own.

‘Which way would you go?’ she asked Zyron.

He raised his head and scanned the surroundings, looking to the left and then to the right. Once having made his decision, he looked Saphera squarely in the eye, raised his noble head once again and pointed to the path which led off to the right.

‘Thank you my handsome friend. I knew I could rely on you.’


As dusk was about to settle, they arrived at long last at the foothills of the mountains, hot and tired but none the worse for wear.

‘This looks like the perfect place to set up camp,’ Saphera announced.

She sat Hesta down, parked the caravan beside a tree, unbridled the horses and allowed them to wander freely. Before she got anywhere near the back-breaking task of unpacking the caravan, she ventured tentatively over to check on her patients.

She clambered into the wagon, removed the bottle of medicine from her pocket and gave them a few drops each. They were not conscious, but as she could see, their bruises had subsided. That could only mean that they were on the road to recovery, but Saphera was curious nevertheless.

‘Who are you,’ she said, ‘and why are you here?’

It was apparent that all three were in the prime of their life. The dark haired boy was very good looking as was the blond boy, but in a somewhat different way. The third man was a little older, perhaps he was her age, Saphera thought. They were an interesting trio, but as to why they were they wearing black leather flight suits, she had no idea.

‘Please come back soon,’ she whispered quietly. ‘You obviously have a few stories to tell.’

Now that she had time to herself, Saphera slipped off her shoes and cooled her feet in a nearby stream. She wanted nothing better than to stop, to sit down, to lie down and fade away into a long deep sleep.

‘I am thoroughly exhausted,’ she sighed.

It was at that very moment though she heard Hesta sighing as well and it was apparent by the faraway look on her face that she was not quite herself.

‘Welcome back,’ Saphera whispered tentatively.

Hesta glanced around absent-mindedly, unaware of where she was or what was going on. She had not spoken a word or had anything to drink for the entire day. Saphera stumbled to her feet, wandered over to the stream and returned with a goblet of cool water.

‘Wine lassie, if you please,’ she said.

‘Of course,’ said an apologetic Saphera, ‘I should have known.’

This as she was to learn was Hesta’s staple diet, homemade wine from one of the many barrels in her pantry.

‘Thank you,’ she said as she downed it in one gulp.

Even in her slightly dazed state, Hesta could see that Saphera was eager to hear about her journey.

‘Ah, curious you be. It is good that you are. To other place have I been.’

‘To somewhere interesting, perhaps?’ Saphera asked.

‘A long way from here,’ Hesta replied, as she made a rudimentary examination of their camp and then helped herself to a second glass of wine.

‘I have been vehicle, yes I have. What I learn, most strange it be. Tick, tick, ticking away was I, yes.’

The aroma of fresh cheese and homemade bread, appetizingly displayed on a tattered old tablecloth, suddenly caught her attention.

‘But Hesta starving,’ she said, ‘eat, eat and I tell thee of these things.’

It seemed as if Hesta was returning to her old self once again and if Saphera was correct, she would become even less coherent as the evening wore on.

‘Something very strange be happening,’ she said, ‘if I not be wrong.’

The look on Hesta’s face was a clear indication that her coming oration would require a very special frequency.

‘Most strangest thing,’ Hesta wailed, ‘if not for these boys, I not even know of this thing.’

‘Who can know everything?’ said Saphera, as she helped herself to a wedge of crusty bread.

‘Hesta must know of these things.’

She reached into her pocket and withdrew an unusual pair of spectacles, placed them on the tip of her nose and peered around as if she was searching for something in particular.

‘Special lenses,’ she said, ‘for helping to see other things.’

‘There’s nothing here,’ said Saphera, ‘I’ve done a thorough check.’

‘Ooh, there is,’ Hesta whispered. ‘Is wind for one, is air for two. Have big ears them two do. Not good for some things to have a life of their own. Always snoop, snoop, snooping, listening in on Hesta’s little secrets.’

‘Busy bees,’ she mumbled, ‘always wanting to know every little thing, always poking their nose into my business.’

As the evening wore on, Hesta became even more agitated, glancing around nervously, one eye operating independently of the other and one ear seemingly at attention, searching the darkness for some clue, some vital piece of evidence regarding the mystery which eluded her.


During the long hours of plodding through the stifling hot desert, Saphera felt like a shepherd girl leading a flock of sheep across a desert of uncertainty. It had been a long and tiring journey with no one to talk to and far too much time in which to think, but somewhere in the back of her mind, one constant thought had plagued her throughout the day.

It came and went with such regularity that she knew it was important. All she ever saw was a glimpse of a world of ice and snow and even stranger than that, a battle. But there was one image which made no sense at all, a woman in a flowing white gown. She never did get to see her face, but she had a feeling that she knew exactly who it was.

It was because of this that she knew there was something which Hesta had not told her, that there was something else going on. She struggled with this problem for as long as she could, but, like the sun, it was determined and relentless, edging its way deep into her mind until it began to take on a life of its own.

Now, at the end of a very long and very tiring day, she was unable to hold back the floodtide any longer; she just had to get it off her chest and out into the open.

‘Hesta,’ she cried at long last, ‘why am I here? Please tell me what’s going on?’

Hesta had been so preoccupied by her own problems, so obsessed by the mystery which consumed her thoughts that she had completely forgotten about Saphera’s special needs.

‘It be preparation time,’ she replied somewhat wearily.

‘Preparation time for what,’ Saphera asked, ‘what does that mean?’

As if she was about to confide her most treasured secret, Hesta released a long drawn out sigh and whispered quietly, ‘Selected you were. You are to replace Allegra, you know.’

‘What, me,’ Saphera gasped.

‘Of course,’ said Hesta. ‘Saphera be most special, most special indeed.’

‘But…this is the first time that I’ve heard of this plan.’

‘No, no, no,’ said Hesta, ‘this has been the plan for many years now. Your training for this, it started a very long time ago.’

‘It did!’ Saphera cried. She was so shocked by this revelation that she barely knew what to think.

‘You wouldn’t lie about a thing like that, would you?’

‘Not something like that,’ said Hesta, ‘that be far too important to lie about.’

Hesta really was telling the truth; Saphera could see it in her eyes.

Saphera’s life was a testament to the fact that it was a miracle. So many unbelievable things had happened that even she was aware of that. She had never revealed her private life to anyone, least of all her family. It had been her special secret, but now it was all starting to make sense, it was all connected; everything had been leading to this one point in time.

‘Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be chosen to replace Allegra, never!’

‘But it be true,’ Hesta whispered.

This revelation was all too much, coming out of the blue as it did and so unexpectedly. Saphera barely knew what to do or even where to look. She wandered around mindlessly, pacing back and forth, all the while wringing her hands, and desperately trying to come to terms with a revelation of such magnitude.

She had no idea whether to laugh or cry. What she really wanted was to fly to the highest peak and screech to the evening sky. She wanted to jump up and down and scream hysterically, but in times like these, she did what she has always done.

She drifted off for a few sacred moments to one of the many places she loved to frequent. This was a world inhabited by the memories of a singular child, one who had spent her life wandering freely amongst the stars.

In places such as this, Saphera had discovered things which were both amazing and spellbinding, but now, here she was, in this sparse and remote world and by some strange twist of fate, her years of eternal dreaming had come full circle.

‘I am to become the head of the Supreme Council and the Sovereign of the Realm,’ she said.

The very thought of such a thing was too overwhelming to even contemplate.

‘Why did Emphora choose me to take on the most powerful position in the land, Hesta? I am no one of any importance. What qualities do I have for a job like that?  I have no special skills which entitle me to such an honour.’

‘Oh, but you do,’ Hesta cried, ‘you do, my sweet.’

‘One of the qualities that Emphora values most highly be one that you possess beyond all others. It be an attribute inherent to all members of the Council, an intelligence system in its own right and you all possess it to a greater or lesser degree.’

‘It be the primary reason why she consider you in the first place. Beyond any other abilities you may have, intuition is one attribute, central to your nature.’

‘And it is here, in this isolated world that you will encounter the forge which will take your precious gold and transform it into the almighty power of platinum.’

The process was already underway and Saphera was about to discover that the universe really did work in mysterious ways.

‘How will I know when I’m ready?’ she asked.

‘Is happening already,’ Hesta replied. ‘This place be very powerful, you know.’

‘There be unusually strong energies here, to help you develop second sight and special powers and most importantly, to develop extra-special connection to all that is. Those gifts be most essential for such an important job, most essential indeed.’

‘How you cross desert, for example? You get no help from me, I not even here.’

‘Changing you are,’ Hesta whispered, ‘changing, deep within.’

The sound of twigs crackling in the darkness suddenly catapulted Hesta up into the air. With her back hunched and fists at the ready; she crept around the camp searching for evidence of possible criminality.

‘That monster has returned,’ she screamed to the night sky.

‘He has?’ an almost delirious Saphera cried.

‘This be most serious, most serious indeed,’ Hesta said as she peered into the darkness, mumbling all the while about, ‘Big trouble ahead, very big trouble, indeed.’

‘He a danger to us all,’ she wailed.

Saphera could not even imagine what dire circumstances those words foretold.

Hesta continued to scour the encampment long into the night, searching under every bush and tree and continually mumbling to herself, ‘Most wicked this one be!’

‘I find a way to stop him this time,’ she cried, as she threatened the very sky itself with clenched fists.

‘There must be a way to stop him this time!’


If you are hoping to read more, please stay tuned because Saphera will be back in the not too distant future and her intriguing story will continue.


Many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for his permission to use his beautiful artwork on this site.

This painting is called Tulom



If you want to see more of Jean-Luc’s work…go to www.eyewithin.com


About vgilvarry

My first love was art, a career I pursued for a long time until the well dried up. After that, I headed off in a very different direction when I discovered writing. I have always been a freewheeling agent when it comes to creativity and when I get an idea in my head which is usually three o’clock in the morning, I just peck away at it just to see what will happen. After a while, the magic kicks in and the story tells me where it wants to go.

4 Responses to “Portals to Another Dimension”

  1. Good luck with your work and many thanks for following mine. Jean-Luc’s artwork is beautiful.

    • Hello Johanna. I spend a lot of time looking at your website as your dreamy images make it so very easy to get drift away into a faraway world. Australia is a long way from anywhere, especially Europe…and it is a big effort to get there. I am planning another trip next year, but in the meantime, I shall continue to follow your adventures and drool with envy. Thank you for the opportunity.

      • I’ve never been to Australia and doubt I ever will so I’m quite envious of life “down under”. I do my fair share of dreaming too. 🙂

      • Life here is petty good and for an adventurer such as yourself Jo…and there is a hellluva lot to see. Not to mention the fact that most Australians are very amenable…we have to be…out of adversity…we have created a wonder of the modern world in 200 years and more than likely…it will only get better.

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