Portals to Another Dimension

Imagine that you are sitting on a bus…gazing out the window…maybe even driving a car…or just wandering along the street… and without even realising it…you are suddenly out there somewhere..light years away from Planet Earth.

It happens all of the time…but it is not an uncommon experience. Most of us are not aware that we daydream on regular occasions… several times a day sometimes …and in one way it is not unlike stepping through a portal and crossing over from one dimension to another.

It is an opportunity which is freely available to everyone, but why does it happen…you might be wondering?

Perhaps we really do step through a portal. Apparently, they do exist and there are many different types. Some are man-made and some are natural events, energetically active zones found at different locations around the Earth.

Some are well-known tourist attractions like the Great Pyramids of times gone by or the ancient mountaintop city of Macchu Picchu in Peru and others yet again are invisible…but apparently, they are there all the same.

You could say that reading a book or watching a movie is like stepping into a portal. There is no doubt that the internet is a multi-dimensional portal as it has doorways to almost any possible place you could imagine.

But the internet is not the only portal to which we have access.

Our thoughts are like portals, doorways which open when we least expect them to. We have thousands of thoughts passing through our minds on a daily basis and some do take us to other places and more often than we realise.

For a few sacred moments…your mind wanders off and without even realising it…you find yourself adrift in another world.

This is an opportunity for all sorts of reasons…to commune with the universe…to visit a place that you might have seen in your mind…or even to play around with that inspired idea which has been rolling around in your head for the last two years.

That is a long-winded way of introducing Part Two of my novel…Thunder Boys…where you will meet a beautiful young woman called Saphera…to whom things like this happen all of the time.

Up until this point in her life…portals had allowed her the freedom to come and go as she pleased…but not this time. This time she discovers that she is trapped and has no idea what to do…even worse…she is trapped in a deserted dimensional realm that resembles a rocky desert.

It is here that she will eventually meet Addric and Dheago who, along with their companion Reuben, has also ended up in this deserted dimensional realm. They were swept off course by the cosmic winds, which in this world are known as the Black Titans. That happened moments after they set off on their well-planned journey and as a consequence…their lives now hang in the balance.

Before she meets the boys, however, Saphera encounters a curious old woman called Hesta whose task it is to transform her from what she is into what she will become. But like most stories, very little goes to plan……Saphera’s new adventure is riddled with anxiety and uncertainty from the moment it starts.





When she happens to see something moving through the desert, Hesta reaches deep into her bag, removes a pair of very old glasses, flips each lens back and forth and decides to investigate.

‘I am thinking it be a caravan, but it be a very slow moving one, if it is.’

‘Stopped it has, I think. But what it be doing here, I not know. Best we investigate. This be most curious, most curious indeed.’

The last thing they expected to find is a wagon decorated with mysterious signs and symbols. Its fate rests in the hands of two very placid but very weary animals, their beautiful white coats and soft velvety horns concealed under a layer of dry desert dust.

‘But what it be doing here,’ Hesta says, ‘and so far from anywhere.’

‘I could not even begin to imagine,’ Saphera says. ‘But it looks like the sort of thing you’d see in a sideshow.’

‘Me be thinking it’s an old-fashioned hearse. You can tell by decorations. They be charms and enchantments.’

‘Really,’ Saphera says.

‘To ward off evil spirits, but best we investigate first.’

‘Perhaps we should see what’s inside.’

Saphera opens the rear door, only to discover that the contents of the caravan are three bodies concealed under a woolen blanket.

‘Oh my goodness, what is this?’

‘What you be finding?’ Hesta says.’

‘You had better take a look for yourself.’

Hesta shuffles up the stairs and crawls into the van, gingerly takes hold of the blanket and pulls it back ever so slowly. But three young men dressed in black leather flight suits is not what she expected to see is.

‘Very interesting,’ she says, ‘but they still be alive.’

‘What’s wrong with them? Saphera says.

‘I be thinking they come far too close to those nasty killer winds. They be having bruises on faces and hands for one thing.’

‘They be the tell-tale sign.’

It is common knowledge that anyone who encounters the Black Titans fall into a deep sleep and not long after into a coma.

‘But with the correct medicine, they will survive.’

‘They must be of some importance, otherwise they wouldn’t be here,’ she says. ‘Only get sent here if absolutely necessary.’

The task of moving three almost lifeless bodies from the caravan proves to be far too difficult, and Hesta’s solution is to unbridle the horses and move the van into the kitchen.

Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that Hesta is a farmer’s wife who lives in a rundown house in a creepy old forest, but that is not the case at all. To Saphera’s surprise, Hesta lives in a rambling old house in which every room is crammed with furniture of massive proportions.

Hand-carved chairs and tables are decorated with mythical creatures, and cupboards are bulging to capacity with bottles of exotic herbs and liquids. The kitchen looks like an enormous dungeon with a fireplace that takes up one entire wall. But hanging from the ceiling and scattered around on stone benches are some of the most unusual implements that she has ever seen.

The house is situated on a ridge that overlooks the rocky desert. And around the perimeter is a garden of plants and herbs that are very much at home in this blustery terrain.

Over the next few hours, she does her best to care for the boys, but it’s a wearisome task. Hesta has her running back and forth attending to one little thing after another, and by midnight she is thoroughly exhausted.

‘Best we give them some of this,’ Hesta says at long last.

She has spent the last two hours tending a pot over an open fire, distilling a concoction of ingredients into a powerful essence.

‘Dat should get them back on their feet,’ she says as she holds up a bottle of murky green liquid with a distinctly medicinal aroma.

‘What is it?’ Saphera says.

‘Medicine, it may take a few days, but it will work.’

Medicinal herbs and plants are known to have powerful healing properties, and even though it has a particularly offensive aroma, Saphera has a feeling that it will probably work.

‘Do you have any idea what this is all about?’ she says.

‘Suspicions only, my dear, I let you know when I be finding anything out.’

When Saphera crawls out of bed the following morning, it is only to find Hesta emptying out the pantry and dumping pots and pans on the table.

‘We be going on a journey,’ she says, ‘there be no time to waste. This be most important.’

Saphera desperately wants to ask why, but Hesta is in no mood for small talk.

‘Bridle the horses as it’s urgent we leave soon.’

Saphera makes her way to the stables and after she has fed and watered the animals, she then considers the task ahead. It was easy enough to remove the bridles, but trying to match buckles to straps is no easy task and she eventually gives up in despair.

‘Oh, what will I do with this thing?’ she says. ‘I have never done anything like this before.’

To her surprise, the harness is removed from her hand, rises up into the air and clipped neatly into place.

‘Oh you beautiful darlings, you did that, didn’t you?’

‘If that’s the case, you are obviously not horses at all, but you are very handsome creatures indeed, if I may say so. And I know that we are going to be very good friends.’

‘As to whether or not you have names I do not know, but I would like to give you names nevertheless.’

‘I’ve got it,’ she says. ‘I will name you Ariatrix for the morning star, and you can be Zyron for the evening star.’

‘What do you think of that?’

Unicorns are creatures of myth and magic but they obviously know a beautiful filly when they see one. They lower their heads and bow respectfully.

‘You are very welcome,’ she says. ‘My name is Saphera and I am very happy to make your acquaintance.’

The next task is to pack the wagon. Hesta has set aside bags of dried peas and flour, dozens of fresh eggs, numerous casks of homemade wine, pots and pans and several loaves of freshly baked bread. And an hour after breakfast, they venture into unknown territory.

Saphera sits in the front of the wagon while Hesta waddles along behind. Their destination is a mountain range in the distance. But this as Saphera can see, is going to be a long and arduous journey. The desert is a minefield of rocks and stones and there’s no sign of life at all, other than an occasional desert flower that struggles to survive.

To her consternation, the final stage of the journey is littered with boulders scattered far and wide and she has no choice but to stop and work out what to do.

‘Which way will we go,’ she says.

She turns to Hesta, hoping for an answer, but she is lost in a world of her own.

‘Which way would you go?’ she says to Zyron.

He raises his head, looks one way and another and then points to the right.

‘Thank you my handsome friend, I knew I could rely on you.’


Many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for his permission to use his beautiful artwork on this site.

This painting is called Tulom



If you want to see more of Jean-Luc’s work…go to www.eyewithin.com


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4 Responses to “Portals to Another Dimension”

  1. Good luck with your work and many thanks for following mine. Jean-Luc’s artwork is beautiful.

    • Hello Johanna. I spend a lot of time looking at your website as your dreamy images make it so very easy to get drift away into a faraway world. Australia is a long way from anywhere, especially Europe…and it is a big effort to get there. I am planning another trip next year, but in the meantime, I shall continue to follow your adventures and drool with envy. Thank you for the opportunity.

      • I’ve never been to Australia and doubt I ever will so I’m quite envious of life “down under”. I do my fair share of dreaming too. 🙂

      • Life here is petty good and for an adventurer such as yourself Jo…and there is a hellluva lot to see. Not to mention the fact that most Australians are very amenable…we have to be…out of adversity…we have created a wonder of the modern world in 200 years and more than likely…it will only get better.

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