The Cosmic Bookshop

Addric Sharano is the star of my stories, but he is also a Yumi Master.

They are intergalactic peacekeepers who work for an organisation known as the Intergalactic Alliance.

They have to abide by a strict code of conduct, which means that Addric is not a delusional gun-wielding psychopath.

And when he has to sort out a problem, Addric uses very different methods.

One of the many places that he frequents is an establishment called the Cosmic Café.

He often stops by for a quick drink and a chat with the proprietor Zubia Lembossa.

The Cosmic Café is situated at the top of The Callisto Intergalactic, a hotel which caters to guests from a variety of planetary systems.

The Callisto is on everyone’s TO-DO list these days, primarily because it has a spectacular view of Europa, Callisto and Ganymede, three of the nine moons of Jupiter.

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Zephyrus Two was originally a space station on the outer edge of the Milky Way, but it was abandoned many years ago. An enterprising entrepreneur saw its potential as an intergalactic hotel, and to attract passing traffic, it was relocated to the Solar System.

Zephyrus Two is now known as The Callisto Intergalactic, primarily because it has a view of three of the nine moons of Jupiter. It now boasts a state of the art hotel and an inter-dimensional transit centre. And as Addric knows, it is also the location of the incomparable Cosmic Café.

It is not your everyday coffee shop, but The Cosmic Café is renowned for its excellent service. This grand establishment is situated at the very top of the hotel, and from any angle, it has a spectacular view of three of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede.

The Callisto caters to guests from numerous planetary systems, and unless they are planning to go on a sightseeing tour, they have no need of a breathing apparatus. Amongst other things, it is not recommended, and everyone knows why.

Most visitors arrive by one form of an interstellar vessel of one sort or another, after which they are free to do whatever takes their fancy. Self-propelled visitors enter through the outer door of the Cosmic Café, take a leisurely stroll along a long glass corridor and then take a seat at a table of choice.

From here they have a view of stupendous proportions. Most visitors do not come to the Cosmic Cafe to engage in a frivolous conversation, and if they do, it soon fades into insignificance.

The mighty planet Jupiter is surrounded by bands of cloud that generates a powerhouse of atmospheric activity. That alone is enough to quell any interest in conversation. But this is where Addric brings Milton, and the scenery will play a part in his well thought out routine.

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This site is not just about my books anymore but topics relating to the upcoming ascension process, the great shift in consciousness, that mysterious concept called vibrational frequencies, and occasionally, a modified channel from our beloved galactic family.

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