The Cosmic Bookshop

If you are one of my many visitors who have asked me to explain the ideas in my books, this post is especially for you.

This information is not exclusively for the youngsters who have been visiting this site…it is for anyone at all and of course, the best way to explain my ideas is with a touch of humour and a sprinkling of imagination.

Addric Sharano is one of the two stars of my stories. He is a Yumi Master of the Third Order, a young man with a thirst for knowledge and a taste for adventure and he has volunteered to participate in this exercise.

He was on the way to visit his girlfriend, but decided to stop off at the Cosmic Bookshop for a quick drink and a chat with his old friend Zubia Lembossa.

Addric is in no hurry to get to his destination as he knows the secret of physical relocation and as such he is very well aware that he no matter how long he takes; he won’t be late for his upcoming date.


Swathed in flowing veils and a headpiece fit for a queen, Zubia looks as exotic as her infamous establishment, the Cosmic Bookshop. Zubia originates from Kaziopea, a planet in the Darvelian Sector and both she her legendary restaurant is universally famous as a stop-over on the way to many other, equally wonderful destinations.

As Addric knows so very well after many years as a happy customer, the Cosmic Bookshop is one place in which you can zoom in on your cyber scooter, plop yourself down and have a much needed rest.

“Greetings Addric,” Zubia says, “it is so wonderful to see you again.”

It has been some time since they have seen each other and after a little chat, she invites him to take a seat in a place of his own choosing.

“And while you are here, you might even want to order an inter-stellar cocktail,” Zubia suggested, “if that is to your liking.”

“That is an excellent idea,” said Addric.

“As you know,” Zubia said, “we also have a wide range of material on topics such as universal energies, portals, teleportation, the human energy field, nature spirits, and a particular favourite of yours Addric, energy manipulation.”

“In that case Zubia,” he said, “I am glad that I stopped by. I have heard that there are one or two new developments in that domain that I have yet to catch up on.”

The Cosmic Bookshop is renowned throughout the length and breadth of the galaxy as the very best in its class because it offers customers a wide range of options to choose from.

Addric had long ago given up planning his inter-dimensional adventures in advance. As a Yumi Master of the Third Order, he could do such things with ease. A fleeting visit to the Cosmic Bookshop was just one of the many places he often visited, as was a quick visit to a neighbouring galaxy such as Planet Earth, a place he had fallen in love with a very long time ago.

He thanks Zubia and then wanders around looking for a comfortable place in which to relax.  A table with a view is his preference as it is for so many others. Only minutes later, he finds the perfect spot, situated, like so many other tables along the outer edge of a revolving glass wall and to his delight, it just happens to have a classic view of the Bubble Nebula.

Zubia appears only minutes later, carrying a tray high above her head, advertising her latest creation for all to see.

The Bookshop is alive with activity and even those who are not even remotely human in appearance automatically turn their heads when they notice a very exotic cocktail in a very long glass steaming away like an active volcano.

Addric is very impressed indeed.  “Ooh, this looks incredible Zubia,” he says “but what exactly is it?”

“This,” she informs him, “is one of my newest creations Addric, the grand-daddy of all cocktails, an el supremo, appropriately named a Lightning Conductor.”

“Woo, that sounds interesting,” he says.

“Yes, it is a combination of three different forms of distilled cosmic energy, static electricity as you can see; three nips of high voltage electrons and for the piece de resistance, a handful of luminescent magnetic filings.”

“That ought to put a little oomph in your engine,” she says with a flourish.

He takes an exploratory sip of the cocktail and gives Zubia the nod of approval.

“Absolutely delicious,” he says.

The Lightning Conductor lives up to its name in more ways than one and while it is predominantly lime green in colour, it is alive with fluorescent pink bubbles and even though it has a distinctly metallic aftertaste, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

“That could propel a rocket ship to Mars and back,” he quips.

Zubia agrees and before she wanders off to attend to her many customers, she activates the Zilmo tag. It is a miniature device in which information is stored holographically.  The Tag as it is generally known has many uses, especially for those with busy lives and little time in which to catch up on the latest news and developments.

It is one of the reasons Addric decided to drop in. This version of the Zilmo Tag is the latest development in hi-tech communication and he is eager to see what it does.

“This wonderful little device offers you the opportunity to visualise whatever it is that you would like to experience,” Zubia says.

“It is a voice-activated system,” she explains, “all you have to do is hold it in your hand and an option menu appears magically in front of your eyes.”

“Once you have chosen your area of interest, the holographic screen offers you a series of options. If you wish to peruse an idea at your leisure, it is possible to do so. You can participate in the experience in different ways and at different levels or you can fast-track an inquiry by simply touching the item of interest.”

Addric touches the tag a little hesitantly and the menu appears at first as an aberration in the atmosphere after which, it promptly adjusts itself to suit his particular energetic resonance.

As he knows from experience, it is no longer necessary to read a book or listen to the latest news as an audio replay anymore, but you can still do that if you so choose.

After exploring a few of the tag’s options, he decides that it would be interesting to participate in a live experience and without a second thought; he selects the personal experience mode.

An automated voice advises him that what he is about to experience will be an energetic approximation of the thoughts in his mind. It will have all the features of the original and even events and places will feel both authentic and familiar.

To navigate back and forth, he can use the touch screen or simply express a command verbally. He has the usual options at his disposal, he can revisit a place or time, move forwards or backwards or pause and come back at a later date and continue at his leisure.

The very moment that Addric utters the word activate, he is drawn into a world with which he is very familiar. His decides to revisit a few familiar places and experiences.

It is not the fastest ride he has ever had, but as a means of arriving at your destination, physical relocation or travelling at the speed of light from one point to another is an exhilarating way to travel.

Addric’s first port of call is to visit his old friends the Krugwah. They are the one and only permanent residents of the world known as the Khavala. They are nature spirits in visible form that he has known for ages and not long after he first met them, they invited him to take a ride in a Krugwah portal.

It was essential at the time so that he could get a closer look at the interior world of the Khavala.

The Khavala as his galaxy is known is the heart and soul of his universe, an energy field of immense scope and power, the one place in which the finite and infinite, the known and the unknown exist as one in the boundless expanse of the universal mind.

A Krugwah portal is not the standard mode of transport in the Khavala, but it is an interesting way to travel nonetheless. Flying is second nature to the Krugwah, but if they have to get somewhere in record time, energy highways are an equally good option.

A Krugwah portal is an energetic life form and in appearance, it resembles a long luminous throat with an open mouth. There is a secret to controlling a portal of this nature as Addric discovered the hard way. He now knows that they respond to the thoughts in a user’s mind and as such it is essential to have a clear idea of your destination, otherwise you could end up anywhere.

Krugwah portals rarely travel at a moderate pace, but this was not to be an out-of-control joyride, this was an official expedition. That particular trip was not only exploratory in nature; it was also a learning experience. To understand the nature of the world in which he lived, a closer look at the hidden secrets of the Khavala was essential.

What Addric saw through the walls of the Krugwah portal had been a revelation. For the first time ever, a human being was offered the opportunity to see the hidden world of the Khavala, revealed in all of its glory.

The Khavala as he now knows is not a vast empty space populated by thousands of semi-transparent structures and floating landforms; it is a world of ever-moving energies.

Energy is an intelligence in its own right, a vast reservoir of cosmic soup in a sense, each aspect having a clearly defined purpose. It is not possible to see its true nature, not unless you have been offered the opportunity to do so, but when it does come into focus, it resembles a symphony of light and colour undulating along instinctive trails, like ribbons blowing gently in the breeze.

One of the many undiscovered secrets of the Khavala is a phenomenon called energy highways. They crisscross the Khavala from one end to the other and their sole purpose is to allow the intrepid traveller to navigate a long distance in a very short time.

If Addric had known about this feature on his first experience, that would have been useful information, but he did not. For many reasons as he later discovered, they are the perfect way to travel.

At various intervals, they are intersected by equally awe-inspiring structures called energy bridges. These are massive structures with both a lower and an upper deck which float independently in in mid-air.

Inter-dimensional highways are rarely visible to the naked eye but they do exist and to the initiated, they serve a valuable purpose.

The upper deck of a bridge is also the perfect place from which to survey the details of this strange new world.

The Khavala is a dimensional realm, a world within a world, an essential component of an ancient universe. On first inspection, it appears to be composed of cosmic dust and stars, but as Addric now knows that is only its outward form.

One of the mysteries of the Khavala is that it is populated by a vast range of barely visible structures. Hundreds, possibly thousands of ghostly forms stretching away to an invisible horizon. Some have spires and domes and others yet again resemble exotic temples and palaces, and they all float quietly, like sparkling jewels in a spectral mist.

Addric’s powers of observation are his greatest asset and his first experience of an energy highway may have been worse than it was, if he had not worked out that they too had their secrets.

At various intervals, energy highways have exit points, not all are visible or even accessible, but through sheer perspicacity, Addric had worked out that they respond to an individual’s energetic signature.

They open momentarily and allow access to yet another energy highway, some of which travel deep into the unexplored realms of the Khavala, but some do not and if you were to follow one of those, you would eventually disappear off the radar and never be seen again.

The outer shell of a highway is a semi-transparent film which resembles a membrane. It is so fragile in appearance that it looks as if it might dissolve at any given moment.

Being somewhat curious on his first encounter, Addric had decided to take a closer look and he was surprised at what he found. For purely scientific reasons, he had poked at it, somewhat tentatively of course and it had responded in a most unusual way; glistening as if it was aware of his presence.

It was on that day that Addric discovered something about the world in which he lived, that even though the membrane appeared to be composed of minute pearls of reflected light, it was a conscious entity, a living thing in its own right.

The idea of stepping into such a thing and ending up in another world was a little daunting, but Addric did so and not long after, he did find himself somewhere else altogether.

Universal energies as he had discovered can be as lethal as they are beneficial and on several occasions he had experienced their destructive power for himself. The first time was when he had seen over two hundred highly trained warrior angels turn on a Volkori, a black rider as they are known.

It was about to kidnap a defenceless child, but within seconds, an entire phalanx of angelic warriors had engulfed it in a blistering white light. The power they harnessed was also universal energies and it did not just stream from their fingertips; it flowed from every cell of their body, glowing like white hot metal.

As a Yumi Master, Addric had only used universal energies for destructive purposes once in his life, but because of that, he was aware of the power he had at his disposal.

As he had discovered, a harmless island floating peacefully around the Khavala could be reduced to dust simply by raising his hands.

To know that he could do such a thing was a lesson in humility.

He had studied Energetic Healing at school and knew that universal energies were equally responsive to those who called upon them for gentler reasons.

Universal energies as he knew can be used to change the status of an existing situation and when energy is applied to something over a period of time; they elicit a remarkable effect on behaviour.

You cannot control this form of energy, but you can call upon it for assistance. One of the secrets; however, is to be both courteous and gracious when working with such a beautiful force as universal energies.

They always respond when called upon, but they appreciate a simple kindness from the user. They cannot be used by just anyone. To work with energies for a higher purpose, an individual must achieve a level of mastery.

It was less than a year ago that Addric had a reason to call upon them to do just that.

In an effort to neutralise a destructive virus, he had called upon the energy of sound. The universe is a vibrating energy system which reveals itself in many different forms, some of which appear as light and colour and in other physical and non-physical formats, but in this case he chose to use the energy of sound.

By saturating a river which had been infected with a virus, he was hoping to change its vibrational frequency so that it could return back to its original, peaceful state.

Before becoming a Yumi Master, Addric was required to make a solemn and sacred vow promising that he would not use his powers for evil deeds or wicked purposes. If he did, the Quadron, the golden clasp which was attached to the robe he wore as a Yumi Master would immediately become his jailer and his life from that moment onwards would be a living hell.

He has found himself in dicey situations numerous times over the last few years, but his vow was always in the forefront of his mind.

Addric once had a reputation for being the most annoying kid it was possible to meet. He had all the qualities of a dysfunctional teenager but once he understood who and what he was, he changed overnight.

A new energy entered his life on that day. It had always been there, but he had never known to call upon it. It was the very essence of who and what he was, but it was only visible to those who knew what they were looking at. Like all undiscovered treasures, it was hidden away behind a cheeky grin and camouflaged by a playful spirit.


Hopefully, you now have a better idea of some of the ideas I have used in my stories. This is what you would call a collage, a selection of several different chapters which I have adapted from all three of my books.

The Cosmic Bookshop or the Zilmo Tag has not yet appeared in any of my stories…but they soon will. They are ideas just waiting for a workout.

Don’t go away just yet…take a close look at this beautiful painting.

Trans Helix

Trans Helix

  Many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for allowing me to share TransHelix on this site.

See more at  –


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My first love was art, a career I pursued for a long time until the well dried up. After that, I headed off in a very different direction when I discovered writing. I have always been a freewheeling agent when it comes to creativity and when I get an idea in my head which is usually three o’clock in the morning, I just peck away at it just to see what will happen. After a while, the magic kicks in and the story tells me where it wants to go.

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