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Addric Sharano is the star of my stories, but he is also a Yumi Master, which means that he belongs to a unique group of people whose job is to attend to issues in any part of the universe.  Yumi Masters are intergalactic peacekeepers who belong to an organisation known as the Intergalactic Alliance or the Celestial High Command.

One of the many places that Addric frequents is an establishment called the Cosmic Café. He often stops by for a quick drink and a chat with his old friend Zubia Lembossa.

The Cosmic Café is situated at the top of The Callisto Intergalactic, a hotel which caters to guests from a variety of planetary systems. The Callisto is on everyone’s TO-DO list these days, primarily because it has a spectacular view of Europa, Callisto and Ganymede, three of the nine moons of Jupiter.

Addric heads for his favourite table, one which has a classic view of the Bubble Nebula. Zubia appears not long after swathed in flowing veils and a headpiece fit for a queen. She comes from a planet in the Darvelian Sector called Kaziopea, and both she and her legendary restaurant are famous as a stop-over on the way to many other, equally wonderful destinations.

‘Greetings, Addric, it is so wonderful to see you again,’ she says. ‘Is this just a social call or is it for business reasons?’

‘There are one or two new developments that I have yet to catch up on,’ he says.

‘In that case, perhaps you would like to try an inter-stellar cocktail before you do anything else.’

“That’s an excellent idea, Zubia.’

She returns a few minutes later, carrying a long-stemmed glass that steams away like an active volcano.

‘Ooh, this looks incredible,’ he says, ‘but what exactly is it?’

‘This is my latest creation Addric, the grand-daddy of all cocktails, an el supremo, appropriately named a Lightning Conductor.”

“Wow. That sounds interesting.’

“Yes, it’s a combination of static electricity, three nips of high voltage electrons and for the piece de resistance, a handful of luminescent magnetic filings.”

‘That ought to put a little oomph in your engine.’

Addric takes an exploratory sip of the cocktail and gives Zubia the nod of approval.

‘Absolutely delicious.’

The Lightning Conductor is lime green in colour and alive with fluorescent pink bubbles. And even though it has a distinctly metallic aftertaste, it is exactly what the doctor ordered.

‘That could propel a rocket ship to Mars and back,’ Addric says.

‘I believe that someone tried that recently, but we never heard of him again.’

Before she wanders off, Zubia offers Addric a Zilmo Tag, a miniature device that looks like a thin sliver of white plastic.

‘This is the latest thing on the market and it has information on just about everything.’

‘Really,’ Addric says.

‘Yes, it’s voice-activated system which offers up-to-date information on a wide range of topics such as universal energy, portals, teleportation, the human energy field, nature spirits, and a particular favourite of yours, energy manipulation.’

‘So how does it work?’

‘Just hold it in your hand and a holographic menu appears in front of your eyes. Once you have chosen your area of interest, you can peruse an idea at your leisure.’

‘You can participate in the experience in different ways and you can fast-track an inquiry by simply touching the item of interest.’

‘This is the best thing ever Addric says.

‘It definitely is Addric and everyone just has to have one.’

Addric sits back and sighs. ‘The universe never ceases to amaze me.’

The Zilmo Tag features in book five of my stories…Instant Karma.


But don’t go away just yet…take a close look at this beautiful painting.

Trans Helix

Trans Helix

  Many thanks to Jean-Luc Bozzoli for allowing me to share TransHelix on this site.

See more at  –


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