The Goddess of Good Fortune

Words and images are the magic wands of creative people, each of which has the power to take us on a journey of discovery.

It doesn’t take a great deal of effort to activate a wand of that nature…a few marks on a canvas or a few words on a page will open the doors to an idea which has never before seen the light of day.

All you have to do is start the creative process…sit down and make a mark…write a few words and hey presto…a door to an unexplored world opens before your eyes.

I have been doing that very thing over the past few months as I wanted to start work on my fourth book, so I just sat down and started writing…having no idea what it was going to be about…but I continued to peck away and it is now half finished and even though I have no idea how it is going to end…that’s half the fun of exploring new territory.

That’s how I prefer to work…and in a way, it is like playing with potentials. I did exactly the same thing with my first three books.

The only idea that I had in my mind when I started book four was that the narrator of my stories, Addric, wants to spend a lot more time on Planet Earth.

Even though he is human, he is also an alien and just about everything he encounters in our culture is mind blowing. That idea allows me to have a little fun as I am developing the introduction, but one thing leads to another and before you know it…Addric is in the middle of yet another adventure.

As well as having a few off-beat moments…book four has a high powered emotional element.

Addric discovers the secret of travelling back and forth through time. This particular element is the cause of the primary complication in this story. Dheago’s girlfriend Elisabeth is accidentally sucked into a portal and back in time. It was in every way both unexpected and very traumatic, Elisabeth’s spirit abandons her body and her life now hangs in the balance. She is in a coma and her spirit is wandering freely, but if they are to save her at all, they have no choice but to track her down.

The secret of writing a good story is that it must be believable, the reader has to engage from the first page…but another secret is to introduce a complication not long after having introduced the story.

Providing your character with difficulties and maybe even life-threatening situations to which he or she has to find a solution is what really keeps a reader wanting to know more.

Universal energies are one of the primary elements which run through my stories. This story also revolves around universal energies. I didn’t plan it like that…well, not consciously at any rate…words appeared on the page and I just went with the flow…but this time a new series of intriguing elements have appeared…one of which is the magnetic grid system of the planet.

As Addric and Dheago are flying over the north east coast of Scotland, they are sucked into an energy surge and end up in one of the near Earth realms…but this diversion is no accident…it is here that they find out so much more, but as well as that, it offers an opportunity of a life time…one which any Earthling would love to have.

My original inspiration for wanting to write this story was the idea that they would travel deep inside this planet and this is where they must go to find Elisabeth…or so they believe.

That domain is not new territory in story writing terms; it has been visited before by writers such as Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs and many others.

But this is the 21st century and from my perspective, it is not just time for a revisit, it is time to do it a little differently. If there is something deep within this planet, Addric and Dheago will find out what it is.

So, what has this blog got to do with the Goddess of Good Fortune.

Nothing at all. It was a line from my first book and then a line from book four…

but I couldn’t resist the urge to bring her to life and now she is one of the stars of book five…INSTANT KARMA…

So, stay tuned for the next exciting tidbit from the series of books known as The Gods of Space and Time

…and as usual…expect the unexpected.

I will keep you posted and let you know when The Goddess of Good Fortune becomes another book in the series.

However…if you want to read a sample chapter…go to the post called Thunderbolts and Lightning.

Hang in…there is yet more to come…

Look at this extraordinary creation.

It is the work of a very talented artist Jean Luc Bozzoli.

Isle of Perfums

Isle of Perfums

Go to to see even more.


About vgilvarry

My first love was art, a career I pursued for a long time until the well dried up. After that, I headed off in a very different direction when I discovered writing. I have always been a freewheeling agent when it comes to creativity and when I get an idea in my head which is usually three o’clock in the morning, I just peck away at it just to see what will happen. After a while, the magic kicks in and the story tells me where it wants to go.

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