The Goddess of Good Fortune

Words and images are like magic wands that have the power to take us on a journey of discovery. To start the creative process, just make a mark on a canvas or write a few words on a page and hey presto…a door to an unexplored world opens before your eyes.

Even though I had no idea what my fourth book was going to be about…I pecked away a little at a time and it eventually came together. A story usually tells you where it wants to go.

The first idea I had for The Curse of the Golden Phoenix was that my main character, Addric, should visit Planet Earth. Even though he is a human being, he comes from the opposite side of the galaxy, and technically, that makes him an alien.

The fact that everything he encounters in our culture is mind-blowing was an idea which allowed me to have a little fun at the beginning.  Addric discovers the secret of travelling back and forth through time and this idea became the primary complication in the story. His brother’s girlfriend Elisabeth is accidentally sucked into a portal and back in time. Elisabeth’s spirit abandons her body and her life now hangs in the balance. She is in a coma and her spirit is wandering freely, but if they are to save her at all, they have no choice but to track her down.

One secret of a writing a good story is that it must be believable…so that the reader can engage from the first page…but another secret is to introduce a complication not long after. Give your character a challenge and throw them into life-threatening situations. That’s the thing that keeps a reader wanting to know more. This is nothing new. Every writer does the same thing.

So, what has this blog got to do with the Goddess of Good Fortune? It was a line that appeared in my first book and referred to a character called the Goddess Emphora who appears in all five books in the series.

When you sit down to write, someone is always whispering in your ear. You can call it what you will…but I call her The Goddess of Good Fortune.


This extraordinary creation is the work of a very talented artist called Jean Luc Bozzoli.

Isle of Perfums

Isle of Perfums

Go to to see even more.


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