The Keeper of the Flame


Book titles are designed to attract your attention and you know immediately what they are about. One such book, published in the 1990s was called ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.’

It was a best seller, but it had nothing to do with that idea at all. It was about gender relationships, based on the premise that men and women are fundamentally different.

It’s an interesting idea that we originate from another planet in another galaxy.

And if we did…why do we live on Earth?

I can think of all sorts of reasons why this is the planet of choice of over 7 billion souls that have taken human form.

If you had to choose between any of the planets in the Solar System, Planet Earth would get your vote without a second thought.

Why? It is without a doubt the most beautiful planet in the known universe.

There are many other inhabited planets out there and possibly a few which are equally as beautiful, but the dazzling beauty of Earth alone is not the only reason why we are here.

I do not believe that we are a random event on an isolated planet on the outer edge of the universe just waiting for something exciting to happen.

Something exciting is happening and it has been ever since human beings appeared on this planet. It may not seem like it when you think about it in terms of your day-to-day life, but there’s a good reason for that.

All is not as it seems.

As many of us know, there is so much more to human beings than what we can see, but we would like to know more and we would like a few clearly defined answers, wouldn’t we?

We would love someone to tell us that our mundane lives are of vital importance. We would be so very different as a species if we knew more than we now know.

Think back to 2011. We were all waiting anxiously to see if the prophecies of the Mayan calendar would come to pass, whether we would live to see another day.

We didn’t want the universe to turn on us for reasons which had never been revealed and neutralise us with thunderbolts and lightning or any other form of cosmic energy.

As it turned out, the information in the Mayan calendar was not a prophecy at all, but a prediction related to one of the major cycles of the universe. It was simply pinpointing a date when one 26,000 year cycle would end and another cycle would begin.

But, unbeknownst to most of us, there were other things going on. The Mayan calendar was referring to a grand alignment in the heavenly realms, one that had been coming for a long time and one that had been bringing changes of another kind altogether.

Whether we are aware of it or not, the universe has periods of growth and transformation. It is not static and unchanging and never has been, but it is during these times that great changes often take place.

When those changes happen, they can affect everything in one way or another. Usually, they are so subtle that we never notice anything at all, and then there are other times when we experience changes of one form or another.

These are often periods of turbulence which are usually followed by periods of enlightenment.


The period known as the 1960s on Planet Earth was just such a time. After centuries of bloodshed, violence, and warfare, many people knew instinctively that a change was coming. It triggered a response at a ground roots level at first, a clarion call that many people heard and responded to.

Commonly known as ‘the sixties,’ this was the beginning of the era known as the New Age…an era that had been prophesied centuries before but had never been clearly explained.

It had been described by the prophets of days gone by in metaphorical and symbolic terms.

The New Age phenomenon was never obvious, but that energy had been creeping along at a snail’s pace, its message carried along by a host of individuals over time.

It came to the attention of the younger generation in the 1960s who expressed the philosophy which has since been characterized by two of the most powerful ideas ever to appear in this part of the cosmos; love and peace amongst all human beings.

But the 1960s has passed into history, and those very same people are still spreading the word.

The Age of Aquarius or the Age of Enlightenment as it is also known had arrived.

A new spiritual energy appeared on the Planet and revealed in many different forms, including a growing interest in the beliefs of Eastern religions, meditation, metaphysics, transcendentalism, astral projection, holistic health and one other even more interesting development.


Channelling was not a new phenomenon; it has always been with us, but in the 1980s it took its place in history. At one level, it is considered to be the domain of mediums and mystics and those who consult with the spirit world, but there is so much more to it than that.

Creative people use this option every day of their lives and so does everyone else. Some refer to it as inspiration or even divine inspiration, but it really is a part of our daily routine.

It happens when we are lost in thought or daydreaming, contemplating our navel, looking out the window or thinking about something that’s going on in our lives.

Anyone who has ever sat in front of a blank page or a blank canvas waiting for an inspired idea to pop into their head knows exactly what it is.

When it does happen…the floodgates open and you are off and running. In computer terms, you would probably refer to it as downloading, but whatever you want to call it, we do it all the time…but don’t realise what it is.


In the 1980s, channeling opened the floodgates of the heavenly realms and revealed the existence of a host of ascended masters who were ready and waiting to share the message of the New Age.

Many of these enlightened beings spoke through a human channel and became famous for the knowledge, advice and the wisdom they shared as to the true nature of existence, why we exist, why we are here and even our potential as human beings.

One of those who became justifiably famous during the 1980s was Ramtha, an ascended being who had lived the life of a human being 35,000 years before.

He had once been a mighty warrior from the fabled civilisation of Atlantis, the general in charge of an army of hundreds of thousands of men which had ravaged the Earth during a time of geological upheaval.

After losing one major battle, he retreated to a life of meditation and ten years later, he ascended to the heavenly realms on a wave of golden light, vowing that he would return with a message for all mankind.

That long-winded introduction is my way of introducing one of my stories, The Curse of The Golden Phoenix.

It is set in the 1980s and my primary character, Addric, decides to make an unannounced visit on his brother Dheago and his girlfriend Elisabeth who lived in a little village to the north of London.  He discovers the secret of travelling back and forth through time. This becomes the primary problem in the story and Elisabeth is accidentally sucked into a portal and back in time.

She abandons her body and her life now hangs in the balance. She is in a coma and her spirit is wandering freely, but if they are to save her at all, they have no choice but to track her down. In an effort to do so, Addric and Dheago are sucked into a vortex and end up in a non-temporal zone, a place commonly referred to as the astral plains.

It is here they encounter a woman whose task it is to care for lost souls in a place known as the Pearl Garden. And one of the many patients in her care just happens to be Dheago’s girlfriend.

Elisabeth’s visit to the Pearl Garden is very short-lived, but it is the starting point for an adventure that takes them on a journey across the Arctic Ocean, deep inside the planet and to even more dangerous territory after that.

If you would like to the paperback version of The Curse of The Golden Phoenix…go to…

Or if you want to read the ebook version…The Keeper of the Flame…go to…


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3 Responses to “The Keeper of the Flame”

  1. Very good material, I like it! We named our first daughter Maya (yes, this spelling), primarily after the ancient race of the now-famous calendar. Your mention of Ramtha triggered some major reaction in ‘me’, though I’d read about him in the late 80’s a bit (a Shirley MacLaine book). Hmmmmm. . . . .
    You book sounds fun! I started a novel, in the same basic genre, around 15 years ago, never finished. The world has just recently become ready, collectively speaking, for these themes to be taken ‘seriously’. Just in time . . . .
    Gotta make an e-book out of my blog posts now, get the info out there more. Got any ideas?

    • Hi Waverider. It’s great to hear from you. I have been a convert for a long time…an old soul in action so to speak…trying to spread the message to a younger generation. Probably don’t have to. They are readymade for ideas of a higher order from what I can see. Yes, I think the world is ready for new stories and my books are fun and hopefully they will reach a wider audience sooner rather than later. You can publish ebooks on Smashwords or Amazon for free…but good luck. They just get lost as there are so many people publishing these days. However independent authors…or indies…as they are known are changing the playing field in the publishing industry…but it takes nouse and determination to get noticed. Have a shot at it anyway. You never know.

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