The Realm of the Imagination

The imagination is a mysterious concept and its whereabouts is a well-kept secret.

We can’t see it or touch it and we rarely ever talk about it,

but it’s always waiting to be activated.

Your brain is your processing plant,

but your mind is a generator of thoughts and ideas which have never seen the light of day before.

We are constantly venturing out there, playing around with ideas in one form or another, developing the prototypes for all sorts of things.


Where is the imagination and how do you access it?

It is encoded into your DNA.

And the very moment you get into creative mode, it comes alive

Ideas trickle down…little by little…or sometimes all at once.

So…the next time you have writer’s block…do not despair.

Go for a walk around the block

An idea will pop into your head at 3 0’clock in the morning…

or maybe a little later…

and…hey presto…

the very thing that you have been looking for will appear out of the blue.

That’s how the imagination works.

About vgilvarry

This site is not just about my books anymore but topics relating to the upcoming ascension process, the great shift in consciousness, that mysterious concept called vibrational frequencies, and occasionally, a modified channel from our beloved galactic family.

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