Something Kind of Wonderful


A tale of an unassuming young man who has two women in his life, the girl that he loves and his Lady Friend, a non-physical spirit from a non-physical realm.

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‘If this is the sort of vault that I think it is,’ Dilvan says. ‘It should be ten-foot-long by six-foot-wide. Ali Baba’s cave, in other words.’

‘All done,’ Fabian says. ‘The door of the cave is ready to open. Will there be anything else, Master?’

‘It’s a good thing you have such obedient servants,’ Dilvan says. ‘But it is essential to use a spell-breaker Jasper. The words of a powerful sorcerer are the magic words.’

‘And why is that, Dilvan?’

‘Jasper, my boy. Everyone dreams of finding a cave riddled with jewels and gold bullion, but you were given the key to one.’

‘Make this count Jasper. Go for broke. Do a Meryl Streep and give your one and only Oscar-winning performance.’

‘Okay,’ he says. ‘Here goes.’

Jasper has never seen a real magician in action, but in this day and age Gandalf the Grey is the most famous wizard of all. Everyone knows that scene from The Lord of the Rings where he stands on a narrow bridge, the only barrier between the forces of good and the power of the dark side. And when he raises his staff into the air, he says the words that everyone on the planet knows off by heart.

‘You shall not pass.’

Jasper raises an invisible staff into the air, and with his head held high, he utters the words that will finally break a one-hundred-year-old spell.

‘Oh, Great God of the Bank Vault. Hear my plea, Oh Dread Lord. And on my command, open the door of this cave and reveal its treasures to the world.’

‘Open Sesame,’ he cries in a voice that even has the power to shock the unshockable Fabian.

‘That was very impressive Jasper. Are you sure that you’re just a normal human being?’

‘I was the last time I looked, Fabian, but that felt so good, and it even worked.’

‘Yes, Oh Mighty Master, it did indeed.’

This is an early version of the book known as Tell My Wife I Will be Home for Christmas

and it is also the second book in the trilogy

Kashmira…The Snake Charmer’s Wife



About vgilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Book Excellence Award for his novel...Kashmira: The Snake Charmer's Wife....and in 2020 he received another Book Excellence award for his novel Desperados.

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