Tell My Wife I Will be Home for Christmas

An enchanting blend of natural and supernatural delights, interwoven with sensual dreams, hidden treasures and a hauntingly beautiful belly dancer.

The first review for this story was just two words…SIMPLY AMAZING…

(the author is unknown…unfortunately…but this one isn’t)

“I literally could not put this story down…Love, love, loved this book,”(Debby Moy)

This book is no longer available.

It is an early version of the book now known as

A Tale of a Modern Day Holy Man

which is the second book in the trilogy called

Kashmira: The Snake Charmer’s Wife

Read the Kindle version online…

This is the second book in the trilogy…Kashmira..The Snake Charmer’s Wife

About vgilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Book Excellence Award for his novel...Kashmira: The Snake Charmer's Wife....and in 2020 he received another Book Excellence award for his novel Desperados.

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