Tell My Wife I Will be Home for Christmas

An enchanting blend of natural and supernatural delights, interwoven with sensual dreams, hidden treasures and a hauntingly beautiful belly dancer.


The first review for this story was just two words…SIMPLY AMAZING…

(the author is unknown…unfortunately…but this one isn’t)

“I literally could not put this story down…Love, love, loved this book>”(Debby Moy)


Available as a paperback from Lulu

Or an ebook from Smashwords…


It’s a song that reveals the innermost desires of a gypsy woman for the man she loves. But when Esmeralda delivers that oh so evocative first line, a romantic fool like Jasper doesn’t have a hope. He is under her spell from beginning to end, transported heart and soul to a gypsy camp on a moonlit night, where Kashmira, her heart palpitating with desire, is desperate to take the man of her dreams in her arms.

But Jasper’s few blessed moments of bliss and joy are rudely interrupted when his very own gypsy queen taps him on the head.

‘Jasper Powell, you sweet and irresistible little thing. You’re off with the fairies again. Aren’t you?’

‘You are the only fairy-type thing I have ever met, Sally Velasko.’

‘I can introduce you to a few more if you like.’

‘No thanks, Tinker Bell. One fairy in this family is more than enough.’

‘Jasper,’ she says in her most beguiling voice. ‘The Sun has set and the Moon is shining in the night sky. What is it that your little heart desires, my beautiful and beloved boy?’

Jasper knows exactly what Sally has in mind. But he is not about to let her sabotage his magical dream world, not this time.

‘Sally, my dearest heart, my beloved queen of the night.’

‘Yes, Jasper, what is it?’

‘Lay down beside me and I will show you.’

‘Jasper, you romantic little thing, move over.’

‘I have been listening to a song, dearest one. But this is no ordinary song. It is alive with understated sexuality and the passion of unrequited love.’

‘Oh, I do like the sound of that, Jasper.’


This is the second book in the trilogy…Kashmira..The Snake Charmer’s Wife






About vgilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Book Excellence Award for his novel...Kashmira: The Snake Charmer's Wife....and in 2020 he received another Book Excellence award for his novel Desperados.

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