Desperados – An Award Winning Book

This novel received a Book Excellence Award in February of 2020

Book One of The Gods of Space and Time

An epic fantasy adventure in an elaborate universe.

Desperados has it all, mystery, intrigue, pain and anguish, and a generous dose of G-rated humour.

Set in a semi-surreal and strangely supernatural world where anything goes.

Desperados is a rollercoaster ride with a new breed of hero called Yumi Masters…trouble-shooters of the intergalactic variety.

Available from Lulu

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Their escape plan was a failure from the start. The moment their tickets entered the system, the NSO knew exactly where they were. Their plan to take an overnight cruiser didn’t work out either. They had no choice but to board the only other vessel heading in that direction.

For two desperados doing their best to stay one step ahead of the law, an old-fashioned galleon looked like the answer to their prayers. The captain was more than happy to provide passage on his ship. But when Addric got a glimpse of the motley-looking crew, he refused to come out of his cabin.

‘They’re nothing but a bunch of rough-necked scoundrels if you ask me.’

‘Don’t blame me,’ Dheago says. ‘How was I to know this was going to be a rat-infested pile of junk?’

Addric is feeling just a little bit annoyed at the moment. And as far as he’s concerned, he has every right to be.

‘What is this thing supposed to be anyway?’

‘A sampan or something like that.’

‘It looks more like a dust-pan if you ask me,’ Addric says.

About vgilvarry

Vincent Gilvarry was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Book Excellence Award for his novel...Kashmira: The Snake Charmer's Wife....and in 2020 he received another Book Excellence award for his novel Desperados.

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