The Earth Has Been Moved Closer to the Sun

According to channeller, Linda Li, this is part of the remapping process in preparation for our ascension to the fifth dimension and everything is progressing according to the Divine plan.

In late October, the Divine started the remapping of Gaia’s energy body by rearranging the elementals of the planet earth, and the distance between the moon and the planet has also been readjusted to fit in the new earth design.  Now, all the elementals have been attuned to Gaia’s new earth frequency and they are functioning well.

In early November, the Divine and the Divine Team along with light workers have moved the planet earth to her designated new earth orbit which is closer to the sun so that the northern hemisphere will be warmer for future human habitation. Now the planet has been orbiting in her new orbit and she is doing well.

In early November, the Divine started the kundalini sessions to remap Gaia’s meridians and chakras and energy body. And all souls on the planet have gone through this remapping process with Gaia. So far, the remapping of Gaia’s chakras and energy grids have done a great deal. The first, second, third and fourth chakras of the planet and humanity have been attuned to the new earth design and functioning well.

Yesterday while the Divine and the participants adjusted the heart chakra of the planet and humanity, the Divine also uplifted the entire planet and humanity to Gaia’s newly arranged energy body and new orbit and anchored there firmly. That kundalini Yoga session was a great success. Now the planet is in her new orbit so is humanity, and all of Gaia’s children. And all is well indeed.

From this point on, since the planet is functioning well in the newly designed orbit, All the necessary elements have been taken care of. Humanity, too, is now in its destined remapping position, what comes next is the big changes. 

For the foreseeable future, Gaia will organize the changes and bring them to the planet. Gaia has started the process. These nature changes have been designed by the Divine and Gaia. Gaia needs them. She has been waiting to start. Now she finally can start these big changes. In the weeks to come, Gaia’s changes will be much more prominent. She has increased the scale of the changes dramatically to let go of the wounds buried in her body so she can breathe.

In time to come, the planet will see more of the great changes. The planet has been totally prepared for these changes. Gaia has given enough time and warnings to humanity. She now has started.

Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li. So it is.

All Rights Reserved.

Divine updates on Gaia’s remapping progress . December 12, 2021

Published on the Galactic Federation website.

The feature image came from the Pexel website and was kindly offered to the public by Sameer Daboul.

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