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The Screenplays

I am adapting my story… The Snake Charmer’s Wife for the big screen… and if all goes to plan there will be three blockbusters… wonderful, engaging stories that have nothing to do with warfare, terrorism or misery…

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A Tale of a Modern Day Holy Man

You never know what life has in store, as one young man found out, but the last thing he expected is that he would find fame and glory of a very different kind. Australian author Vincent Gilvarry has created a captivating story about a young man whose life is an intriguing combination of the natural, […]

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Book One of Tales of a Yumi Master To catch a thief you have to set a trap…but you need an even better plan if you want to catch an intergalactic terrorist. Two Yumi Masters come up with an inspired solution. It seemed like a good idea at the time… but reincarnating as a human […]

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A Prayer for Brother William

A story set in Australia against the background of World War 1   Australian author Vincent Gilvarry has created a compelling story based on an old family legend. After he loses his parents, William Cahill retreats into a world of his own and his life would have spiraled out of control if it hadn’t been […]

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Something Kind of Wonderful…

A tale of an unassuming young man who has two women in his life, the girl he loves and his Lady Friend, a non-physical spirit from a non-physical realm. Jasper Powell’s dream of a quiet life fades into oblivion when she makes an unexpected appearance in his life. As a result he embarks on a […]

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Thunder Boys

Book One of The Gods of Space and Time   Thunder Boys is an epic adventure in an elaborate universe where the primary source of power is universal energy. Thunder Boys has it all, mystery, intrigue, pain and anguish, a generous dose of G-rated humor. It is set in a semi-surreal and strangely supernatural world where anything goes. […]

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Instant Karma

Book Five of The Gods of Space and Time. The people of Planet Earth are so obsessed with electronic devices that they have lost contact with the most essential element of their being. A directive from the highest of all celestial realms has decreed that Project Earth is not meeting the requirements of an evolving species and is about […]

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The Power of Love

Book Four of The Gods of Space and Time. Love is one of the central players in a convoluted drama about two star-crossed lovers. Set against a tapestry of interconnected events, disaster strikes and they are separated by space and time. This story is set in the Earth year 1985 in London, in Ancient Greece, Rome and […]

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The Last Days of Lemuria

Book Three of the Gods of Space and Time The crew of a spaceship heading to a destination in modern day Earth have no choice but to make an unplanned landing in Lemuria, two weeks before it is destroyed by an earthquake. In an effort to blend in, they disguise themselves as locals but a […]

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