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Something to Think About…

If you have had it up to the eyeballs with movies about the destruction of life on Planet Earth…then watch this snippet from The Celestine Prophecies and think different thoughts for a while…   Advertisements

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The Screenplays

I am adapting my story… The Snake Charmer’s Wife for the big screen… and if all goes to plan there will be three blockbusters… wonderful, engaging stories that have nothing to do with warfare, terrorism or misery…

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AN E-BOOK FOR E-BOOK READERS Finally, I have taken the plunge and decided to publish my books as e-books… that has something to do with the fact that paperbacks are incredibly difficult t to sell… and e-books are 25% of the market. A TALE OF A MODERN DAY HOLY MAN You never know what life […]

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Another book I decided to publish as an e-book… CHAMELEONS To catch a thief you have to set a trap…but you need an even better plan if you want to catch an intergalactic terrorist. Two Yumi Masters come up with an inspired solution. It seemed like a good idea at the time… but reincarnating as […]

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A story set in Australia against the background of World War 1   Australian author Vincent Gilvarry has created a compelling story based on an old family legend. After he loses his parents, William Cahill retreats into a world of his own and his life would have spiraled out of control if it hadn’t been […]

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Something Kind of Wonderful…

A tale of an unassuming young man who has two women in his life, the girl he loves and his Lady Friend, a non-physical spirit from a non-physical realm. Jasper Powell’s dream of a quiet life fades into oblivion when she makes an unexpected appearance in his life. As a result he embarks on a […]

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Thunder Boys

It is finally finished…and it only took 15 years, on and off…not bad for an amateur… It’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride in an elaborate universe with a new breed of hero called Yumi Masters…they are troubleshooters of the intergalactic variety. Thunder Boys is speculative fiction at its imaginative best, an epic adventure in an energetic world, […]

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Instant Karma

Book Five in the series of The Gods of Space and Time, Instant Karma has been released. The year is 2032. The people of Planet Earth have become so obsessed with technology and electronic devices that they have become alienated from the most essential element of their being. A directive from the highest of all […]

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The Power of Love

In the fourth book in the series of The Gods of Space and Time, The Curse of the Golden Phoenix, LOVE is one of the central players in a convoluted drama. The heartbreak of two star-crossed lovers is set against a tapestry of interconnected events when disaster strikes and they are separated by space and […]

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The Last Days of Lemuria

The long lost civilization of Lemuria is the setting for The Last Days of Lemuria. It was one of the first civilizations on this planet, but it disappeared at a time of geological upheaval and is now buried beneath the Pacific Ocean. This is the third story in a series called The Gods of Space and […]

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